see how gay Proposal looks like as Kit Harington Proposes to Andy Samberg in Emmys 2016 Bit watch video

Kit Harington and Andy Samberg
Sorry, Rose LeslieKit Harington got down on one knee at the 2016 Emmys on Sunday, September 18, but the ring he offered was for copresenter Andy Samberg, not his longtime girlfriend and former Game of Thrones costar.
The proposal was part of a bit Samberg and Harington performed before announcing the nominees in the Variety Talk Series category. (John Oliverwon the Emmy for his HBO show, Last Week Tonight.)
Kit Harington and Andy Samberg
The Game of Thrones actor, 29, and theBrooklyn Nine-Nine star, 38 — who first faced off in the HBO mockumentary 7 Days in Hell — began the sketch by explaining that they were going to rattle off a few soundbites in the hopes of making it into next year's Emmys highlights reel.
Samberg went first, quipping, "Now it's a party," before handing the baton to Harington, who said cheerily, "I came here in a limo!" The one-liners got better from there, peaking when each addressed Bloodline star Kyle Chandler
"No, I won't kiss you, Kyle Chandler," Samberg joked, before Harington countered, "Yes, I will kiss you, Kyle Chandler." (The Friday Night Lights alum chuckled good-naturedly at both.)
The final gag involved Jon Snow popping the question to the SNL standout. "There's something else I want to celebrate tonight with you, Andy," he said, dropping to one knee and pulling out a ring box. Samberg, in turn, replied as any sane person would when faced with Kit Harington proposing marriage: "What, Kit, what are you doing? Here at the Emmys? I do!"

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