Drake Buys Neighbor’s House For $3 Million After Noise Complaints

Drakes Buys Neighbors House

If you can’t stand the noise, let Drake buy your house. Wait, what? That’s what the neighbor of the singer did when he offered to buy their home for $3 million after they continued to put in noise complaints about how loud he played his music. Get the full scoop on Drake’s hefty purchase here.

Well, this is one way to solve a problem. Drake, 29, has reportedly purchased the Hidden Hills home of his neighbor for a HEFTY $2.85 million, all because he didn’t feel like turning down his music, according to Marie Claire. Apparently, the neighbor had made several noise complaints, which Drake decided to put a stop to by cutting a check. We guess that’s reasonable, if you have an extra $3 million lying around, that is.
Drake’s neighbor’s home, we mean DRAKE’s new home, is a ranch-style house with four bedrooms, five bathrooms and a pool, according to Trulia. The property also reportedly has room for horses. So that’s really nice we guess. The whole thing does seem a little silly though, given that Drake could really have just turned down his music, instead of forking over $3 million so he could blast it as loud as he wants. But, hey, it’s his money.
The funniest part in all this is that Drake buying his neighbor’s house was actually predicted in Future‘s song, “Where Ya At?” Drake chimed in with the lyric, “I’ll buy the neighbor’s house if they complain about the noise.” We guess he was being completely serious. Now he just has to figure out what he wants to do with the property. Sure, he could let it sit there collecting dust. Or he could fix it up as a guest house for Rihanna, if she wants her own space when she comes over and all. We’d love to see him decorate it especially for her. Gotta make that purchase worth it, Drake!

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