Man Looking Like Ntimama of kenya Comes Forward Claiming To Be His Son And Demands DNA Test On The Deceased Body To Prove Claim

It has become a feature at the burial of any prominent Kenyan for people to later come forward claiming relations to the man.

Usually it is either as a spouse or a child. The late cabinet Minister William Ole Ntimama is no different.
As the family goes ahead with burial plans a 60 year old man George Njoroge Kariuki aka George Ntimama has come forward claiming to be the son of the dead veteran politician. The 60 year old man has moved to the High Court seeking to halt the chief from issuing out a burial permit and Lee Funeral home from releasing the body.
He wants a tissue specimen taken from the body for DNA testing and he says he fears if he does not get his wish the family will bury ‘his father’ denying him the opportunity to be recognized as Ntimama’s son and also he will not be able to get his share of the inheritance.
He says he did not come forward previously as he feared hostility from the family but says the late Ntimama fathered him in 1965 at a time he had a relation with his mother Rebecca Ngibia from 1956. His mother is also dead. Here is the photo of the man

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