Meet the man who tells woman's fortune by fondling their boobs

A bizarre video has emerged online showing a man supposedly predict a woman's future by touching her breast.The recordings believed to be filmed in China and has been shared on social media
. The eight-second clip was posted on Miaopai, a short video sharing platform in China, Sept 8.He seems untouched by what he sees in her future as he rests his chin on her hand, and even look bored In the short video, one bespectacled man was seen touching a woman's breast. The man, believed to be a fortune teller, holding a pair of crutches in the other hand. The woman can be seen staring at him with a puzzled face. The two of them had a lot of people gathered around them as the alleged predictions were ongoing. However, there was no conversation between teller and woman in video.Many social media users believe fortune-teller had gone too far. One user said Weibo, a Twitter-like platform in China: "It's disgusting." While another sounded confused: "What happens if a man comes to fortune telling, he will still touch his chest?" Watch the video below

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