Katy Perry Is ‘Thrilled’ Drake Declared Love For Rihanna On Live TV — He’s The ‘Very Best’

Katy Perry is totally on board with Drake and Rihanna’s romance! After Drake proclaimed his love for RiRi on TV for the world to see, we’re hearing that Katy can’t get over how ‘thrilled’ she is about it. Get the EXCLUSIVE details right here!
Katy saw how Drake gushed over Rihanna at the VMAs and thought it was absolutely romantic,” an insider EXCLUSIVELY revealed to about Katy’s reaction. “She’s always encouraged Rihanna to hold out for the very best and she’s just so happy that that someone is Drake because he’s really proved himself. Katy is impressed that Drake proclaimed his love for Rihanna in front of millions of people and is thrilled with how happy Rihanna is.”
It sounds like Katy, 30, was one of the millions freaking out while Drake, 29, gushed over Rihanna, 28, before presenting her with the Video Vanguard Award on Aug. 28! As one of RiRi’s closest gal pals, Katy has watch Rihanna through her relationship up and downs with the likes of Chris BrownTravis ScottMatt Kemp, and even Drake himself in the past. So to see the “Work” rapper say such heartfelt things about Rihanna on live television had Katy jumping for joy!
Drake & Rihanna Dating For Real: They Make It Official
In case you missed Drake’s love declaration on the VMAs (where have you been?!), he revealed to the world that he has been “in love” with Rihanna since he was 22 years old, meaning his love has lasted for seven whole years. Plus, he gave her a sweet kiss right in front of the cameras after proclaiming his love! We’d seen Drake vie for Rihanna before, but never like this!
As much as Drake would try to date Rihanna, she never seemed to fully go for it despite collaborating with him several times and grinding on him in videos and performances. But Drake’s loving VMA speech about RiRi didn’t just have Katy impressed, apparently it had Rihanna totally flattered too…because suddenly they’re an official couple!

Drake & Rihanna: See Their Hottest PDA Pics

Almost immediately after Drake told the world about his love for Rihanna — and they walked off the VMA stage holding hands — sources confirmed that they were together. And while they haven’t said it themselves, RiRi and Drake have been all about the PDA since the VMAs. They were unable to keep their hands off each other during a sexy date at a Miami nightclub on Aug. 30 and even kissed on stage during Drake’s show on Aug. 31! No wonder Katy is so happy for Rihanna, Drake is seemingly sweeping her off her feet!
gist366, what do you think of Katy’s thoughts about Drake’s VMA speech for Rihanna? Are you glad they’re finally an item? Tell us below!

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