Do these to keep your va+gina tight and healthy: for ladies

Your se.xual bodies are very valuable and must be well cared for.
As a woman, keep healthy and sweet v.agina is important. Here are 7 simple tips to help you do it.
Just like your face starts to fail, so your lady parts inevitably ages over time. A critical difference: there are a million products to help keep your face looks smooth, but your v.agina is kind of left alone.
"Gynecologists says women in these things are going to happen, and then the women come in shocked that their v.agina and vulva has completely changed in the course of a few years," says Karen Boyle, MD, an expert in feminine va.ginal health and rejuvenation.
A woman facing a va.ginal problem is more likely to feel shy to share with anyone, and even feel reluctant in consultation with a doctor.
Here are our top seven tips to preserve this important ecosystem for healthy v.agina intimate:

Be careful when washing.

Wash va.gina as often as possible. V.aginal smell is one of the most serious problems that a woman can do.
In order to avoid this, it is washed at least twice a day with a mild, non-perfumed soap. Be sure to wash the pubic hair around v.agina as they usually keep sweat and dirt, which can create unpleasant odors.
You should always wash your last buttock, so no bad case goes to va.gina.
Be careful while you wash, but because if the foam goes v.agina channel can cause some harmful side effects.

Give your V.agina a haircut or shave regularly.

The truth is that shorter hair v.aginal, the less chance of odor and infections.
Let your Va.gina breathing with the right lingerie.
Use the right lingerie that will allow the air around vag.ina why, leaving damp leaf area opens to a bacterial invasion. Cotton underwear is preferably nylon and other airless substances.

Regularly change your underwear.
A woman should never keep a bedding element for more than a day. Vag.inal secretions makes it quite unhealthy, moisture and a clear motivation for the bacteria to multiply. This is even more
important during menstruation.

No perfume around Va.gina.

Fragrance will cause an imbalance of the pH, which is not good. So the best solution is for health.
Go to your gynecologist.
It is recommended for all women when they reach puberty visiting the gynecologist for general information on va.ginal health.
When active se.xually or 21 years or more, you should be heading in a Pap test every two to three years to check for infections, abnormalities and cervical cancer.
Consult a doctor if you notice an infection. When you notice an itchy, strange coloring of emissions (menstruation) v.aginal, visible signs of infection - say bad odor, rashes or blisters, seek medical attention.

your V.agina should taste sweet  with the right food.

It has been shown that what you eat affects the taste of your v.aginal juices. So eating the right kinds of fruit, especially those high in natural sugar oranges, apples, mango etc. have a positive effect on the taste v / aginal. On the other hand, avoid fruits and vegetables that give bad breath - like onions, garlic.
They have an equally negative effect on v.aginal taste, such as alcohol, coffee, and spicy food.

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