Sorry Apple: The iPhone 7 camera is not better than Samsung’s Galaxy S7

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We compared the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus cameras — among the most-hyped features on the new Apple phones — and found Samsung’s Galaxy S7 still comes out on top.

It’s a surprise, and a little disappointing. Apple’s iPhone camera team is known for making world-class shooters to tuck in your pocket.
Until the Galaxy S7 blew the iPhone 6s Plus out of the water in our test back in March, no other company had unseated the iPhone from its throne atop the smartphone camera pile. So we expected Apple to come roaring back this year with a device that could put the S7 to shame.
And the iPhone 7 Plus does have some talents the S7 doesn’t. A telephoto lens is a big deal, because it adds a whole new kind of photographic capability not present on any other device. And the bokeh effect, which we haven’t had a chance to test, may turn out to work well enough to get excited over. (Given how the Huawei P9 performed, I’m still a bit skeptical about the potential of mere two-lens cameras in this area.)
But in a head-to-head shootout, the iPhone — now much closer to the Galaxy on specs — can’t quite keep up. The differences aren’t overwhelming, but they’re significant.

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