Michelle Obama’s Diss On ‘The Late Show’: ‘I Have No Sympathy For Melania Trump’

Michelle Obama Disses Melania Trump

Oh how we’re going to miss her! Michelle Obama — a.k.a. the most amazing First Lady America has ever had — stopped by ‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert’ and dished about ‘gossip loving’ husband. She also admitted she has ZERO sympathy for the current candidates spouses and even addressed Melania Trump’s plagiarizing scandal. Read on for details!

Michelle Obama, 52, stopped by the The Late Show Sept. 20 for her final appearance as the sitting First Lady and boy did she come to play! She looked amazing in a pair pf grey high waisted and wide legged trousers and a chic black sleeveless top with a sexy center cutout. The audience went absolutely nuts for Michelle, giving her a long standing ovation. My goodness,  this woman is so beloved and rightly so!
Michelle admitted she has “no sympathy” at all for Bill Clinton, 70, and Melania Trump, 46, as they have to help campaign for their spouses. “You have to be in it. If you don’t agree, then you should have agreed before you ran. If I didn’t agree with what Barack was saying I wouldn’t support his run. So no sympathy.” Brutal! Stephen then WENT THERE and asked about Melania’s RNC speech where she plagiarized parts of Michelle’s 2008 DNC speech. He asked if she had any sympathy for all that was going on around Melania for it to have happened and the First Lady cracked a small smile and said, “Yeah, that was tough,” clearly not feeling bad for the headline grabbing gaff.
She revealed to host Stephen Colbert, 52, that she and her daughters Malia, 18, and Sasha, 15, all have amazing impersonations of President Barack Obama, 55.  Michelle said that over the dinner table sometimes Malia will make the mistake of asking about things he did in the day, like discussing climate change. She then got all stern and professorial, saying “Well, I’m glad you asked that, let me just answer that in three parts. Part one-A, and part two-B,’ and Sasha and I just want to talk about our favorite song on the Lemonade album,” after rolling her eyes.
Shockingly though, he’s not all business with his ladies. “He’s really into gossip, because he doesn’t have a life!” Michelle admitted, to which Stephen assured her he has the NSA to find out anything he wants. Badum-bum!
When Stephen asked her what her BFF Beyonce really like, she totally dished. “You shouldn’t look her in the eye, she’s a special person. She’s a sweetheart. She’s smart, she’s creative, she’s a great mother, she loves her family, she’s just a low key lady so we have a lot in common that way. Except I can’t sing and I can’t dance.” Oh man, how we are going to miss this crazy cool woman as our First Lady.

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